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To buy levitra without a prescription, blood is taken from a finger and an express analysis is carried out, which will show the result as soon as possible, which is important for further manipulations and decision-making by the doctor. If time permits and the condition is not critical, the doctor will force you to take samples for a general and biochemical blood test, which will complement the overall picture of the patient's condition. If hypoglycemia is visible in the tables of laboratory results, appropriate therapy is prescribed.

Upon admission to the hospital, treatment consists in the use of drugs that normalize the condition and prevent the development of a deep coma. The following medicines are used. Inadequate actions for hypoglycemia lead to such conditions. With the timely provision of pre-medical and medical care, the patient has every chance for a full recovery, the prognosis is favorable. To avoid dangerous complications, it is important to follow preventive measures that are agreed with the doctor. With diabetes, it is important to follow a diet, monitor the dose of insulin, and not skip injections.

It is necessary to regularly determine the level of glucose in the blood, if the indicators are not normal, take immediate action. Tell your doctor or nurse about changes in how you feel, if any, do not self-medicate. Hypoglycemia. symptoms, causes, first aid, consequences. Hypoglycemia refers to pathological conditions of a temporary nature, in which the peripheral blood glucose level falls below the minimum limit of 3.5 mmol / l. With this deviation, a special symptom complex is formed, which is called the hypoglycemic syndrome.

The condition is especially dangerous for patients withta-islands), against which there is an excessive utilization of glucose. Congenital anomalies of development. autoimmune hypoglycemia, 5-cell hypersecretion, 7-ectopic insulin secretion, in which there is insufficient glucose production. The mechanism of formation of blood glucose. After eating carbohydrate foods, the body receives glucose, which is carried by the blood to all cells. As soon as glucose begins to enter the bloodstream (absorbed from the gastrointestinal tract), the pancreas begins to secrete the hormone insulin, which helps cells use the incoming sugar as an energy source.

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In healthy people, the amount of glucose received and the response proportion of vardenafil pills are always equal to each other. In patients with insulin-dependent diabetes, the pancreas is not able to produce the required amount of insulin, and they must enter it from outside, and in the correct dose. According to the severity of the course, the state of lack of blood glucose is divided into 3 degrees.

Light (2.7-3.3 mmol / l, see the norm of glucose in the blood) - a person is conscious, can independently stop the lack of glucose. With further no entry of levitra online into the blood, a severe degree and even coma may develop within 20-30 minutes. Severe (2-2.6 mmol / l) - a person is conscious, but cannot help himself without outside help. Hypoglycemic coma (symptomatic hypoglycemia, which is observed in patients with diabetes mellitus with a sharp drop in blood glucose from high to normal levels and does not require correction. At the same time, symptoms typical of the condition are observed. To avoid sharp jumps in sugar levels, patients with diabetes should constantly follow a diet (see diet for diabetes).

People who have been suffering from diabetes for a long time can recognize this condition by 2-3 signs. The rest must remember a certain sequence of symptoms that come on one after the other, and quite quickly. Unfortunately, not everyone has the classic symptoms, so the best assistant in this situation is a blood sugar measuring device!
Signs of hypoglycemia according to the frequency of occurrence. No matter how scary it sounds, but this is exactly the scenario that unfolds if help is not provided in time!
A drop in blood sugar can also happen during sleep. The main symptoms are sudden waking up from nightmares, in sweat, up to wet sheets. If a person does not wake up in the middle of the night, then the morning symptoms of the condition are fatigue and weakness. The reasons for this condition in children are. In addition to the above, there are 2 fundamental causes of the development of childhood hypoglycemia.
An increase in the content of ketone bodies in the blood. Such children have a peculiar acetone smell from the mouth, constant dizziness, vomiting, fainting due to the toxic effect of acetone. Intolerance to leucine of an innate nature - an amino acid that is part of the protein, requiring a special diet. Main symptoms. lethargy, sweating, pale skin, drowsiness.
Frequent hypoglycemic attacks negatively affect the intellectual and physical development of children. The relief of vardenafil in children is carried out in the same way as in adults. With intolerance to leucine, foods such as eggs, fish, nuts, milk and others containing leucine are excluded. Help with hypoglycemia - pre-medical and inpatient.
For quick help to the body, tablets containing d-glucose (dextrose) or glucagon are produced. All diabetics and people living with them must know the instructions for these drugs. Patients prone to hypoglycemia should always carry such drugs with them!

In a state of lack of sugar, both the lack of compensation and an excess of glucose are dangerous.

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